My Home

Four years ago, the OH and I put our victorian terrace on the market and commissioned our boat. A huge lifestyle change brought about by the need to reduce my commute to work, and a desire to get out of the rat race and by our desire to travel Europe when I retired.

Our area of Southend was going downhill. Drug dealing was rife. Indeed, we had two dealers living on our road, and one of the other houses had been converted to a safe house. Not exactly the place to see out my forties and enter the fifties. The cats were shipped to my parents in Wales and after 7 skips, what was left of our world was put into storage and we headed off to Birchanger and the Travelodge for three months.

Six months later, (long story. Edited highlights: Our welder broke his leg falling off the boat.) we waved the Travelodge goodbye and moved on board our 65ft x10ft dutchbarge style widebeam

The trials and tribulations of living in a hotel are now the thing of memory. Our stress levels are low. Our dreams of travelling Europe put on hold; thanks to something called “Brexit”. But we’ve got enough water in Britain to keep us occupied for at least three years constant cruising. So it’s not all bad news.

Of course, there is always one FAQ: Is she warm in the winter?” you ask.

“Look at the insulation picture” I reply before adding: “And we’ve got central heating and a log burner.”

If you’re ever out and about on The Great Ouse or the Lark, you’ll see us. We usually get as far as The Swan, Littleport, but we’ve been known to go to Denver (not Colorado).

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