Shout out and Thanks: Cowardice of Crows Blog Tour

Forgive my tardiness in thanking everyone who took part in the Cowardice of Crows Blog Tour.

My world was upended on the Friday before it commenced. My oldest friend, John, who had a cabin on the boat died. He’d been ill, but the rapidity of his descent from semi-wellness to death was sudden. Five days. Almost without warning.Sent reeling into that numbing grief from whose bourn we do return, eventually.

Your reviews, your choice of extracts. Humbling. Supportive in their critique. To those of you,who found it took time to get into the book, thank you for persevering. I’m glad you felt it worth while.

I’m also glad you like my characters. Emily writes herself. Symington is so passive voice in early drafts. He really does like me to sing for my supper. And I too have a soft spot for CC. Probably because he’s been around the longest. Possibly along with the pawnbroker. There was always a shadowy figure in the back of CC’s world, when I wrote about a policeman investigating crimes, as a child. Telling me patience, it wasn’t the right time to meet him.

To those of you who said it gripped you to the end, and who are looking forward to the next two, diolch yn fawr. I hope they do not disappoint.

Steve and I are working our way through your contributions to helping us relaunch Byrd’s first outing – attributing your words and actions during this week and linking to your platforms.

We shall soon find out what the reading world thinks of his next adventure. Ravens hits the shelves Monday 15th.

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