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I am not a number. I am a cat. Or am I? On Twitter you may find me @blofelds_cats, where I tweet about world domination and the things that inspire/annoy/amuse me.

Shout out and Thanks: Cowardice of Crows Blog Tour

Forgive my tardiness in thanking everyone who took part in the Cowardice of Crows Blog Tour. My world was upended on the Friday before it commenced. My oldest friend, John, who had a cabin on the boat died. He’d been ill, but the rapidity of his descent from semi-wellness to death was sudden. Five days.…

My Home

my home

Four years ago, the OH and I put our victorian terrace on the market and commissioned our boat. A huge lifestyle change brought about by the need to reduce my commute to work, and a desire to get out of the rat race and by our desire to travel Europe when I retired. Our area…